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STV TRANS, s.r.o.
areál poličských stojíren
Bořiny 1145, Horní Předměstí

572 01 Polička
+420 773 906 201



ADR I transport specialist


We engage fleet 12 trucks in the mode EX III, which make us the biggest carrier ADR 1 for the central and eastern Europe and one of the biggest carrier in the all Europe.

9 trucks + box trailers
- loading capacity 16t NEQ / 23t brutto
- 33 pallets places
2 box road trains
- loading capacity 16t NEQ / 23t brutto
- 38 pallets places
- the two separete load places, which are enable to load goods different group of tolerance
1 box truck
- loading capacity 5t NEQ / 5t brutto
- 17 pallets places

The trucks are special modified and certified for transportation ADR EX III, which permit to load up to 16t neat explosive stuff (NEQ). (NEQ).

The technical condition is regulary inspect by the authorized services.